Rising Seniors

• Take the LSAT in June, if you feel that you are adequately prepared.
• Continue to research law schools, and start making a list of schools that seem like good options for you. Research the admissions criteria and application process (including the content of the actual application) for the schools on your list, and keep good notes of what you learn. These notes will save you valuable time when you are ready to begin applying in the fall.
• Begin to consider your options for financing your legal education. Click here for resources to help you find information.
• Prepare a resume, if you do not already have a current one. (In the fall, you will want to visit the OPCD for tips on enhancing your resume before sending it to law schools.)
• Begin brainstorming about what you would like to say in your personal statement. Write down your ideas, and if your time permits, draft a preliminary version of your statement.
• Register for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS). The fee for this is $155.00. You should do this at least six weeks before you plan to submit your first applications.