GPA & Transcripts

How important is my overall GPA in the admissions process?

• Along with your LSAT score, your GPA is extremely important in the law school admissions process. Most law schools begin evaluating your application by looking at your “index,” a number (which varies from school to school) made up of a weighted combination of your GPA and LSAT score. So from the moment you enter your first class as a first-year student, you should make getting good grades a top priority.

Are courses that I took when I studied abroad (or at another school) included?

• Yes, in most cases. LSAC has very detailed information about what transcripts you must send; click here to learn more. If you studied abroad through a Wake Forest program, you should consult the registrar at Wake to make sure that the grades you received while abroad are reflected in your official Wake Forest transcript. If you studied at another college or university, even for summer or evening classes, you must submit a transcript from that college or university to LSAC in addition to your official Wake transcript. This is true even if you withdrew from the course or for some other reason did not receive a grade in the course.

How do I submit my transcript?

The LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) requires that your transcript be sent directly from the registrar’s office of each institution you attended. LSAC will not accept transcripts submitted directly by you. Once you have paid the fee for the CAS, you will have access to a downloadable transcript request form that you will send to the registrar. The registrar will then send the form and your transcript directly to LSAC, where it becomes part of your file. Note: If you plan to submit applications early (in October), request your transcript in August to allow your registrar plenty of time to submit it.

What if my GPA changes after I’ve already submitted my law school applications?

• You can, and should, update your transcript to reflect your current GPA for each semester after your file is first transmitted from LSAC to the schools you’re applying to. For example, if you instruct LSAC to forward your file in October of your senior year, you should send your registrar another transcript request form after your December grades come out. When LSAC receives your updated transcript, it will automatically send it on to those schools that have already received your file.